AQJ - A Growing Kids Wear Manufacturer In India

When one talks about kids & adolecent wear, it’s important that the product should feel and look good by selecting the best possible fabrics, trims and styles for your products. AQJ Apparels surely knows how to make fashion work. We bring both extensive expertise in clothing manufacturing and a commitment to producing high-quality kids & adolecent clothing.

Your Design

No one knows your brand better than you. That’s why we let you make the designs. When you are ready with this step, we are ready to make your garments.

Source & Produce

It’s always about the details. Sourcing the right fabrics and trims for your design is the first and very important step in the production process. The look, hand feel, functionality as well quality performance and sustainability level must all follow your brands requirement.

Quality control

From time the fabric and trims are ready our QC team follow up quality control according to our AQJ quality standards. Every type of fabric is tested based on most critical points and behaviour before it’s approved to go into bulk production.


For the logistic part and transport of your garments to required places, we handle the booking of transport directly with your nominated forwarder. Just provide us with the name and contact information and we take it from there.